Thursday, April 23

Head Hand and Heart*

Today I have overdosed on Arts and Crafts detail.
As they say on the brochure Standen is an Arts and Crafts gem – designed by Philip Webb it is bursting with everything an Arts and Crafts fan could want to find –
I think the reason I had such a good time there today was because it wasn’t very busy so mostly I had the rooms to myself.

Photo: Standen House

The only part of the interior that photography is allowed is the conservatory- I did my best to capture some of the architectural details although compared to the rest of house it is sparse.

Photo: Conservatory detail

Anyway while I was moving from one beautifully exquisite room to another I wondered what Philip Webb, William Morris et al would make of our cheap mass produced throw away lives we live today?

Photo: Porch Detail

*The motto 'Head Hand and Heart' is taken from an inscription used by Charles Voysey, which became the motto for the Society of Designers in 1896. These three words are the keys to understanding Arts and Crafts: 'Head' for creativity and imagination, 'Hand' for skill and craft, 'Heart' for honesty and for love.


  1. How I love those windows.

  2. are those illegally photographed tiles i can spy through the conservatory glass? good work! how nice to find yourself in a place like that without crowds...looks wonderful. and what a motto. better than my school one. i may just have to make myself a new blazer badge : )

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I love it when you go all arts and craftsy!!
    The neighbour

  4. MMmmmm, your day sounds blissful.
    What a gorgeous place to visit. I adore old old buildings.

  5. A perfect day, the Arts and Crafts movement is so inspiring.
    I once went to an exhibition of Voyseys work at the V&A,truely amazing.

  6. A bit late in commenting but the house looks just lovely, similar perhaps to Blackwell Arts and Crafts house near Windermere which is one of my favourite places :-)

  7. Sounds like a lovely day at a beautiful place. It's such a shame that photographs aren't allowed, but understandable I guess. x

  8. I love Standen - particularly the pottery casually about the place.
    The arts and crafts movement was my first love. My MA thesis was on arts and crafts clothes.
    Philip Webb was the best of the bunch I think - he walked the walk.

  9. Happy Brithday Lynn - hope you have a great day. x
    (Facebook reminded me!)

  10. We tried to go to Standen once last year - it was absolutely hissing with rain that day and it took some time and just before we arrived, the road was closed as there had been a mahoosive car accident - I seem to remember at the time thinking that this particular car would be in an accident and the next time we saw it, it was upsidedown in a ditch. May try again but not this Bank Hol.


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