Thursday, May 21

More Out and About

I’ve had the most fabulous day visiting Lewes.
Because I can’t walk far these days we targeted Cliffe High Street which is at the bottom of the hill … was the part that was badly flooded a few years ago.
Caroline Zoob used to have a shop in Lewes but she has gone; in her place is now the most wonderful shop called Cook & Gardener….and as the name suggests it has new and old books on cookery and gardening plus interesting fripperies - Angie Lewin notebooks, General Trading bits and bobs, Nutscene string…. and other stuff not particularly unusual but someone with a good eye has brought together.
I had deposited my husband in a man crèche – namely a military bookshop so he was very happy.
I called into the shop and the owner asked if he could help me…..
I’ve come to collect my husband
Oh he’s just left…he’s been in the WW1 corner

We then had lunch at Bill’s.

In theory I should really hate Bill’s – it is loud, manic and has a very high percentage of 30 something yummy mummies that have small confident children in tow that have never to be told to sit quietly or not to shout but despite this the ambience is friendly and inclusive and most importantly the food is fantastic.
The food is extroverted….it is presented in a very theatrical way but somehow works in its setting. If I offered Nigel a pudding with a sprig of Sweet William on top he would refuse to eat it but here he just picked it off it and didn’t say a thing.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice for Sir and Strawberry Milkshake for Madam

Underneath all that fruit lies a subline lemon tart.

I never got a chance to take a photo of the main course....


  1. I love Lewes...and Bill's, despite the yummy mummies. Thank you for the tip re Cook and Gardener - I was wondering if anything else had opened up there since Caroline Zoob shut. I may just squeeze in a visit when I come up in a few weeks...

  2. i have to get to lewes!

    perhaps we could be lovely town exchange students? (my holt for your lewes?) no...better still i would come and visit and get you to do the tour. if someone presented me with sweet williams in any shape or form i'd be won of my favourites. and milkshake? now you are talking! glad you had a fabulous day...hope you have a fabulous bank holiday weekend too! xxx

  3. the food looks great.


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