Wednesday, May 20

Out and About

Long time no post.

Today I visited Parham House.

I have to admit I was disappointed by certain aspects but delighted with others.
Which has made me think of how we all formulate our expectations and how they in turn make us happy or not.
In today’s case my expectation was Elizabethan house = quality and good taste; so when I was confronted with awful peach paintwork and a tatty old man-made carpet – think the interior of an 1980’s old people’s home I was very disappointed. It improved but lacked the attention to detail that is standard in National Trust properties which was what I was expecting.
The garden however was a delight and had what I love best, lots of period details with very informal planting.

And a dog or two mooching around.


  1. Love that roundy pond. Makes me wish I had even a tiny patch of sun in my garden. We are all shade and big trees which are nice in their way but sometimes I see photos like this and wish for what I don't have...

  2. ooh we went here donkeys years ago and it was pretty I still have the giant 'parham blue' geranium that I purchased there..didnt go in the house though which I'm glad of hearing your description!! cripes..nylon carpets they make me spark on everything and get shocks!

  3. If you want to see a really great example of Elizabethan architecture and interiors you should try to visit Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire - stunning! A bit of a trek but worth it.
    Glad the garden didn't let you down!


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