Wednesday, July 8

Monks House

…it seems I only visit Lewes these days and strangely I found myself there again today having lunch at Bill’s again– I can recommend the quiche.
Finally we got to Monks House and although there aren’t many rooms they are delightful – a toned down Charleston – dare I say a tasteful toned down Charleston.
Apparently Virginia Woof liked the colour green which made me warm to her ever so slightly.

Virginia Woolf's garden office....she was a girl before her time

Ginny's bedroom


  1. I can think of worse places to keep visiting! Like the look of Monks House - I have never been there but will definately trty to go there next time I am down.

  2. I'm a little lost- are we in the Uk or the states? very pretty cottage though

  3. Now I wish I had taken your advice and been here when we were down... it looks lovely.

    My packet of Bill's granola lasted three days plus some crumbs which the birds got... which works out at about £1.30 per breakfast... hope your quiche was better value ;-)

  4. Now even I could work in an office like that - well maybe not, I'm sure I'd just daydream.

  5. Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving your kind comment about Bob.


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