Thursday, July 16


Don’t faint but I did some sewing today.

I am as a rule paralyzed by decision making – red or yellow thread? My husband was on hand and said yellow….
The thread might have been yellow but the air was blue especially after I threaded a needle only to drop it between the floor boards…then of course Harry wanted to get it….. I finally retrieved it…..

I am quite pleased with it….I may have another go now I have a template – an oblong….

His Mummy was pleased with her present but Jackson was underwhelmed.


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    You forgot to say its an itouch cover!!
    Neighbour with now coveted pouch for her gizmo. XXXXXX

  2. You are onto something there L.

  3. Zoe saved up for an itouch & got it last week. Sad when children have better gizmos than me. This is a lovely pouch but Zoe is sadly now "so past" handmade (roll eyes). Fingers crossed she will come back to it.
    J x

  4. It's gorgeous and I know just what you mean by being unable to choose a thread colour I am similarily parylised but such decisions.


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