Monday, July 27

Sunshine and Showers

My daily walks with Harry give me so much pleasure and this morning’s little gaunt was no exception.
Dodging the rain we nipped out and were rewarded with the beautiful clear air you get just after it has rained.
On my return I fed the birds and unusually the ‘big’ birds ( seagulls and crows)didn’t steal all the choicest bits so Mr Blackbird had his fill of insect suet a specialty of the Gigibird house.

PHOTO: The colours of the seaside always delight.

PHOTO: Elephant grey sky

PHOTO: Mr Blackbird with his beak full.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    hi gigi,
    the blackbird shot is great... hope you have a good week xx

  2. your birds are a lucky bunch! and it's always good to see the small ones getting their share. so nice to enjoy the simple things in have treasure on your doorstep! Xx

  3. I have always wondered why they have those reading lamps on sticks at the seaside. Why do they?


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