Tuesday, July 28

Delightful Finds

I am not really a fan of look at what I found today posts but I am going to show you what I found this afternoon so I apologize in advance at my Cheshire cat grin I am currently wearing.
I popped into Arundel this afternoon with the intention of buying something but ended up with all of this (and more)
I had no idea there was a book written about me….

Ha ha ha I just had to have it.

Lovely Sanderson linen union curtain and only £5 – definitely destined for Stella to make a bag – the red is perfect.

Another book which is full of exquisite woodcuts which you will be seeing a lot of in the future.

Even the cover has a lovely font

For £1 I couldn't leave this behind

Miracles might happen and it could make me organised!


  1. For a moment I thought you had bought a book by the famous author who used to be on that Yellow Pages advert but I think that's J.R. Hartley. So many Hartleys! Then there's the jam one as well...

    Anyway, the woodcuts (and everything else) are beautiful. I can see why you are feeling pleased with yourself.

  2. I used to work for Sandersons (a long time ago)and was able to see all their archive fabrics and the original wood blocks they used for printing wallpaper.
    I wish I could be more organized but even with a filing system I would be in a mess!

  3. i think we can allow for your rather large grin...what a collection of goodies! i bet you couldn't believe your luck! keep us updated on your adventures in organisation...surely the perfect woman book has a few pointers?! Xx

  4. Just love the woodcuts - what is it about old books and all other printed stuff. I'm so obsessed I'm sticking iton my hall wall! -serious addiction I'm afraid!

    Nice finds - enoy!

    x Vicky x

  5. Hey... steady on....! this bloging lark you've got into lately... well, it's almost become quiet regular now...
    Lovely finds by the way....
    Marion ;0))


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