Wednesday, August 12


My neighbour has wonderful lavender that is alive with bees, butterflies and moths so I thought I would pop round and take some fantastic photos…..someone tell those bees to keep still! Out of the 18 photos I took I don’t have one in focus bee.

This little fellow had his britches full of pollen


  1. I have found exactly the same problem - they never stop still long enough to focus and press the button!

    Pomona x

  2. Ach, I can take photos of butterflies, but not of bees. Are you doing that thing they said you should do, (On R4 Today prog) of putting out a sugar/water solution to give them a boost when they are in need of it at this time of year?
    I hope you get access to lavender honey...

  3. I'm crazy about lavender but mine is a bit down because of the heat.

    Alfazema ( means lavender)

  4. Anonymous8:45 PM

    This is the craziest year for Lavender - I don't water it, its south facing and every Septmberish I take a hedge cutter to it!! It smells yummy and I want to attach a note to the leg of a worker Bee asking for Lavender honey!!
    The Lady in Lavender/The Neighbour. XX

  5. And it smells gorgeous.


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