Saturday, August 15

Doing the Rounds

I am pleased I baked yesterday as first Stella then Baby mother called round for coffee, cake and chat.

Photo: Always best shared with friends
Stella had been clearing out and so I received a ginger cat door stop I had apparently given her years ago and a green tablecloth she borrowed which I had forgotten about. She left with my silicone spray (for lubricating her sewing machine and the Motoring section of the Telegraph for her husband)
Baby mother came with a backlog of You magazines which I love (despite hating the Daily Mail) and some cat-nip treats (for my neighbour’s cats – her cats had turned their noses up at them) and left with Antique and Home magazines (Stella’s originally) and some perfume (CK Summer) since becoming menopausal I can’t wear anymore.
The You magazines will go to my neighbour after I’ve read them.
I love how we all disperse our bits and bobs to one another – we have always done it.


  1. i love your swaps game! a couple of old magazines and a piece of your cake would see me very happy. it's funny...i like a flick through the you magazine too but couldn't go near the mail it comes with. i think i'm right in saying that they actually used to sell it as a stand alone magazine a few years ago but i don't think it lasted long. Xx

    p.s. my word verification for this comment is very appropriate for your blog : )

  2. I have a load of blackberries and a huge pile of Period Living magazines - would you like them in exchange for some cake? It would only take me six hours to reach you...

    I too love this sort of thing. It seems to make sense of life, in a small way.


  3. That cake looks absolutely delicious! I really like the idea of swapping - it's such a sensible idea, and much better than throwing away.

    Pomona x

  4. have friends who give your gifts back?????
    The best kind!
    ( I give gifts that I would like myself but hardly ever receive their like in return)

  5. True thrifting!


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