Wednesday, August 5

The Raven called Sarah

I picked up a copy of this month’s Waitrose magazine and was taken aback by a photo of the new slim Sarah Raven.
I’ve never thought of her as fat rather large boned but there she was smiling at the camera wearing skinny jeans!
And she has grown her hair thank goodness which has transformed her face – in my opinion.

PHOTO: The lovely Ms Raven
While I still have Ms Raven in my thoughts her autumn catalogue arrived yesterday which is always nice to look through but her prices are eye watering – a set of zinc planters took my eye (£44.95) and I felt temptation enter my thoughts….but I googled zinc planters and found exactly the same set on 2 websites for under half price!
I have been given a bag of cooking apples so I must away and find recipe inspiration. I am thinking apple cake – the man of the house can have it warm with custard.


  1. I am not so adventurous! Apple crumble even better with blackberries added! I have bought Dhalias from Sarah Raven in the past, only when they were good deals from newspaper offers. Bit too pricy for me!

  2. Sarah's stuff is lovely, but sadly rather pricey. We visited her garden a few weeks ago, anyone with a garden that wonderful and weed-free must get lots of exercise to fit into those skinny jeans! I bought a couple of dahlia plants which were reasonable and some sweet pea seeds. She really is an inspiration though.
    Hen x

  3. Apple muffins, apple pie, Eve's pudding ... lots of exciting things to make from cooking apples. Muffins are my favourite, I think!

    Just saw your comment at Snapdragon's Garden and had to come and visit - it was my thought exactly! Great minds think alike, eh?!

    Pomona x

  4. I'd have to run with the apple crumble; it even counts as healthier, with not as much sugar and fat as the cake.... so you can eat twice as much!

  5. Do you know, I'm not even sure it's her... she has got a twin sister I believe.

  6. I wanted the zinc planters too ....
    and to my mind you can't beat apple pie preferably with the addition of blackberries - sheer perfection.

  7. That's great for Sarah, but her sort of round heartiness was so much a part of her at the same time. *g*

  8. The zinc planters come from the wholesale company Grand Illusions - I have used them for mail order potted bulbs in the past.
    Grand Illusions also have a retail site but as they are one of the biggest (and best)of the wholesalers working in the gift/pots/home accessories of the slightly french sort and, as they always have mouth watering stands at the trade shows, their wares are pretty much everywhere.
    J x


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