Monday, August 3

Less is more, more or less

After reading about Sue’s day I feel rather guilty writing about how lovely mine has been but now I’ve started I’d better finish.
As the man of the house had a day off I let him buy me breakfast in…..Lewes.

Then I let him drive me around Sussex dropping into Ditchling for a mooch before traveling up to the Beacon where to my delight an ice- cream van was waiting.

On returning home we popped into the village where waiting for me in one of the local charity shops was this tablecloth.

It has very simple machine stitching but beautifully simple. And it was made with a lovely piece of linen.
Calling in to the pet shop I asked if they had hedgehog food.
You may think I have money to burn when I buy hedgehog food for £4.45 but I am told it’s the best thing for them… current hedgehog better not get run over if I’m going to invest so much in him….and if I use some of my precious logs to make him a little winter retreat he had better use it….come winter….
Tonight I’m going to taste test my hedgehog food next to my cheap 49p Brekkies and see what my local wildlife/ Dandelion the cat prefers.

China was bought in Lewes....but I will keep that for another day.....


  1. and what a breakfast! my favourite meal of the day. you are so good to your local wildlife...surely you're the talk of the fields! Xx

  2. Ha ha, you have made me feel even worse now...

    Whilst reading your account the point at which I feel REALLY jealous is '...where an ice-cream van was waiting'...

    I feel that if I had been able to insert this phrase into some part of my tale, things would have taken a turn for the better.

    Ah well as they say, it's grim up north ;-)

  3. You, the cat and the hedgehog will all sit down with a bowl of the foods each and compare/contrast the taste, texture, VFM....
    Am I right?

  4. Preliminary tests have shown that Brekkies seem the most popular….
    Dandelion the cat and the hedgehog were seen eating the cat biscuits but Foxy was eating the hedgehog food – all was gone this morning.
    I have only partaken in the smell test – they both smell awful.

  5. Breakfast looks scrumptious!

    What lucky wildlife! Gourmet food huh


  6. We tried Spike's a few years ago - the cats loved it & the hedgehogs weren't bothered! Love Lewes! Rebecca x


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