Tuesday, September 1

Cloud Spotting

Very bracing down the beach this morning - autumn is very definitely in the air….

All was going well until in the blink of an eye Harry managed to get not one, not even two but a whole bunch of horrible thistly burrs stuck in his ear.
His silky spaniel fur is like a fuzzy felt board so we came straight home so I could cut them out – he now has odd ears….

Photo: Click to see those nasty little....


  1. Oh Harry, you poor love!

  2. Maybe you should employ the same tactics as parents who's children get head lice...(sorry) lots and lots of conditioner and a comb.
    It looks a bit drastic..I thought the ears were in there too.

  3. It makes you realise how clever the burrs are though doesn't it? Spreading their seed. I am always impressed by how much trouble plants go to in order to reproduce. Mind you if all their little plant babies needed feeding every four hours and nappies changing they mightn't be so keen.

  4. Harry probably won't want to go walkies again until his ears grow back!

  5. those spikeys are like monsters! i just clicked for the bigger picture and all i can say is poor poor harry!

    and such an idyllic setting for a walk...your photo is wonderful...isn't it nice to have autumn in the air? Xx

    (fuzzy felts...such fond memories!)

  6. Poor dog! The clouds look lovely, though!

    Pomona x

  7. Oh no, poor Harry :( You are very, very lucky to live so close to the sea though. x

  8. Our dog would have tried to eat them!
    The landscape is breathtaking the cloud patterns are beautiful.


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