Tuesday, October 20


Late lunch in Arundel with my husband

….a new Italian deli on the way.....

I wonder what colour they will choose?
Popped in to one of the charity shops with some donations and of course found a few treasures to go home with– a lovely lambs wool jumper for Nigel which fits him like a glove and a very plain lampshade (£1) that I plan to customize – if it all goes disastrously wrong I have lost nothing.
I reluctantly left a beautiful Jaeger suit – very retro but I had to be honest when my heart missed a beat on finding it – when would I wear a turquoise wool skirt and jacket? Never that’s when.
Collected Monty Don’s book about his depression from the library – The Jewel Garden, A story of despair and redemption…..very interesting.


  1. Read it and enjoyed it.

  2. I'm just costomising a 'cheap-y' lampshade - 50p - with guess what! buttons! I have one or two spare you know!
    Deli colours looked good - I think I might want them all - scrolls of flowers, leaves, fruit and whatnot all around the window!

    Hope you enjoyed lunch.

    x Vicky x

  3. I love that book - really good. It's such fun getting bargains from charity shops, isn't it?

    Pomona x

  4. I bought The Jewel Garden when it was first published. Monty Don's books always contain such great photography. His garden is amazing. I would love one just like it. Lynn, you always grab the bargains! x

  5. loved monty's book too. love monty. {loved the photos of him and his missus in their 80s jewels...what a far cry from old town!} Xx

  6. I love Arundel - all the quirky little shops. I've got and actually read Monty Don's book - I bless his wife for supporting him through everything and she very rarely gets a mention.


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