Saturday, October 17


Harry and I popped to a garage sale this morning – tip: take a dog it’s a great conversational starter and ice breaker.
Anyway I managed to find some great pieces – silicone muffin tray, spring form cake tin, books for Nigel, wire coat hangers (free)…everything seemed to be 50p….
I got home to find Nigel waiting to go to the garage sale! So I returned sans dog avec husband and on the second look found 7 beautiful lettuce green linen napkins ripe for re-using- 50p.

Baked potatoes in the oven, fire roaring away – I am loving autumn.
Having some crafty thoughts involving green linen.


  1. you never fail to find the goods!

    i love the green and orange together. hope the season inspires you to make something lovey with the linen. Xx

    p.s. my mum has to talk to every spaniel walker she sees!

  2. The green is much nicer in real life...the camera seemed to dull it....aren't those Chinese Lanterns lovely -
    Spaniels should come with a big warning - CUTE BUT HARD WORK!

  3. What a wonderful day you had. I love those chinese lanterns. They look very nice up against your new lettuce green napkins.


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