Sunday, October 11

Daytime Visitor

Look who we found in the garden this morning –

Duncan Grant our regular hedgehog visitor.
Strictly speaking you shouldn’t really find hedgehogs wandering about during daylight hours but by the way he scoffed the saucer of mealworms I don’t think he is sickening for anything – my own theory is he was looking for somewhere to hibernate near to a really good food source.

Table Manners! He liked his new Zodiac saucer I picked up in Oxfam on Thursday.
In the end he popped under the fence into my neighbours garden where a hedgehog house is waiting for a suitable tenant.


  1. Do you often have mealworms in your pantry?
    (Duncan Grant! Tsk.)

  2. What an amazing picture! And I love his name!

    Pomona x

  3. Lovely photos! I don't think I've ever seen any of mine in the daytime.

  4. Why Duncan Grant? There must be a story there!

    x Vicky x

  5. What a fantastic photo Lynn! You are so lucky to have a regular hedgehog visitor, I haven't seen one in my garden for years. Maybe he noticed the deco abode in Property Weekly! I was going to mention that is rather a nice saucer, and as posh as the one Stella's Tennyson gets his tuna on! x

  6. Mealworms...yummy! He is a lovely little hedgehog though. I hope he does hibernate in that lovely new home.

  7. So incredibly LUCKY!!!!


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