Tuesday, October 13

Land Girls

I am very exhausted after a rather lovely day in Brighton.
I thought I was just going here

If you are local to Brighton I highly recommend this current exhibition – some very touching and funny stories about life on the farm during the war.

We also (naturally) ended up visiting and perusing many a nice shop and Cath Kidston.

Fired Earth being very creative with paint.

Jigsaw playing with scale.


  1. I used to love Jigsaw clothes but they have gone all weird - I blame that Kate Middleton who I believe is Chief Clothes Chooser there now. It is a worry - if she becomes Queen she might make everything else weird too...

  2. Ah, the onion palace, as I used to call it as a child!

  3. So that's why Jigsaw clothes have gone all funny.....
    Marion ;0)

  4. looks like a great day out, definitely tempting!

  5. Afternoon... I know you like to bake things... but did you know that it's national baking week from the 19th Oct?
    Might be worth a look...?


    Marion :0)


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