Saturday, November 14

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We are experiencing some extreme weather down here in the South –
After seeing to my patient (more later) I wrapped up and braved the beach. I’m glad I went when I did as it’s now raining and wind with rain is my least favourite weather combination.

Photo: Big sea today
Naturally it was only mad dog walkers down there….

Photo: See how his fur is blowing in the wind...
Anyway back home and back to my nursey duties…. the man of the house fell over at work on Tuesday and went and broke his left ankle….
He is on crutches and has to have his leg raised all of the time.
My 78 year old mother has become our personal paper ‘boy’ – she arrived this morning with a scarf tied round her hat to stop it blowing away!
Because I don’t drive and Nigel can’t everyone has rallied so we getting by but without friends and neighbour I don’t know how we would cope.


  1. Oh dear I'm sorry ot hear about Nigel's ankle. Hope he makes a speedy recovery and when he is better and you've recovered from your nursie duties maybe (just maybe) you might consider learning how to drive? I know we as a family would have been totally scuppered if I hadn't been able to drive when Stu broke his leg, and his thumb, not to mention the little incident with a chain saw...
    My husband is far too accident prone for me not to be able to drive!

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear about the ankle, I do hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    Fabulous big sea pictures and that dog face is darling.

  3. Just love the Big Sea pic.
    Sorry about the ankle - I fell and broke mine back along - did a proper job and had to have metal bits in it and allsorts! Its just so inconvienient not to be able to get around - for Hubby I was thinking. I got so bored just sat - did a lot of sewing though - can he knit? Give him something useful to do! lol!
    Bless Mum! with her blow away hat! haha - just love it.

    Take care all of you! Get Tesco to deliver your shopping!

    Vicky x

  4. Blimey..... Harry's furry little mouth looks like it's been sown up...!!!
    Hope the patient's doing well...? Give him the remote, think there's a fair bit of footie on...?
    Keep smiling ;0)

  5. Oh dear! hope everything gets back to normal quickly, you could do without it I am sure.
    I love walking by the sea in stormy weather-not too close though!
    Take care

  6. Ouch! Speedy healing to Nigel. Harry's looking can you resist that face? I see you inherited the big seas that started off down here.

  7. a fellow spaniel lover yay for the springersx


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