Thursday, November 19

Crow Woman

Yesterday as the weather has been so lousy especially for birds and wildlife I took some stale bread down the beach for the crows.

Harry soon cottoned on to what I was doing so tried to get in on the act…..I think he got hold of a slice.

Today I was followed to the beach by 3 crows and as I walked along the prom I could see my shadow being followed by a cloud of crows waiting for me to dish out my bag of bread.
I better prepared today breaking it up in manageable pieces so I gave Harry some so he didn’t take on the crow gang.
I have to say unlike seagulls they are quite respectful and kept their distance.


  1. all I can think is 'Hitchcock'

  2. you got some lovely shots of the birds there! i have to agree there's something a bit scary about them...but i'm sure they were pleased to see you and your treats. Xx

  3. Very clever, though! Just mind you don't fall over!

    Pomona x


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