Thursday, January 28

Proud Mother

I am very proud of this little bay tree.

When we moved to our run down old bungalow it was a mere twig growing in the front garden. I recognized its potential and let it grow and a few months ago it had its first grown up hair cut.
Now we’ve had the front landscaped it ended up without a position in the new scheme (suckers being the issue)… this morning we – that would be me and my assistant Nigel the Lame potted it up.
I do hope it survives its root trim (can you trim roots?)
Nigel the Lame doesn’t like it being positioned by the front door where I feel it adds a touch of class (desperately clutching at straws) because he says we won’t be able to get our bins past it on bin day.
I bet Sarah Raven doesn’t have this problem.


  1. Oh you make me smile! - Nigel the Lame!! I hope he's getting a bit better!
    Little tree looks great, I harvest a few leaves off mine every year (did you keep the trimmings?)- dry them and use them in stews and whatnot.

    Vicky x

  2. Such a healthy tree, very glossy leaves - enjoy!

  3. I'm sure it will be fine. What a novel idea... a real live bay tree! Do you use the leaves in soup? I've never seen a bay leaf that wasn't dried and bottled up. Good luck with it!

  4. Looks lovely. tish and pish to the wheely bins!

  5. Beautiful bay....and yes you can trim roots. It is always a good thing to do if you are repotting outdoor plants in containers.

    And my friend, in answer to your comment left on my blog....I am without doubt, a sensitive.

    Aren't men funny.....wheelie bins? Where's the problem.
    Mr P saw some flowers coming through the patio paving.....
    "Are you going to remove those.?"
    "No, are you.?"
    End of conversation!!

  6. Hahaha! Can just hear Nigel saying that. Is he back at work now?
    The tree looks very class and I can see just how it would look at your door.
    Have just heard that our cottage will be in BBC Good Homes Magazine. Will let you know which one once I'd been told.
    A x

  7. That is so typical of men... we have that sort of thing all the time. Our driveway is wide enough to land a jumbo jet but still I am not allowed to put pots at the side because he has to be able to get his motorbikes out. I am impressed with your greenfingeredness.

  8. Your bay-bee (sorry) is very sweet.
    I hope it lasts a long time in that little pot, otherwise you will need one with wheels on to move it around on bin day.


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