Friday, January 22

Split Pea and Ham Soup

After yesterdays stock making today I made my split pea and ham soup.
My neighbour is right in saying only attempt this if you don’t have a life as although the wonderfully deep, favourful bowl of soup was a delight I couldn’t make this if I was doing other things which involved leaving the house.
There are lots of recipes online for pea and ham soup, I used yellow split peas as Waitrose didn’t have green – on researching the difference apart from the obvious colour yellow apparently gives a sweeter flavour. The general rule is using half the weight of vegetables in peas.
The ham stock and using the bone again in the soup as it cooked today made all the difference.
I think this would be a great choice if you had a large gathering as all the compliments would make up some way in the hours it takes to make!

We had ours with rustic bread.

This morning I chopped all the fatty skin up and popped it onto my bird was very gratefully received and has all gone.


  1. Oh you really are making my mouthwater and hey, sometimes we just don't want to leave the house.

  2. Sounds delicious - I am reduced to eating soup and soup alone after root canal treatment - some pea and ham soup would hit the mark right now!

  3. mmmm I have never tried to make it because it sounds so fiddly but it does look good!

  4. I agree it looks delicious. Not at all greasy.
    Those birds won't be able to get off the ground soon.

  5. Oh wow - that looks great. I am having only a bit of success with the bird situation - I guess I need to be more patient?! x

  6. It looks absolutely yummy! Definitely worth all the work, I hope.

  7. Anonymous10:45 AM

    mm I am now off to find a recipe!

    I could eat that right now!


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