Friday, March 5

Coffee Morning

According to Constance Spry I should have made a plain lightly fruited or seed cake for morning coffee….the type of cake with a low percentage of fat – delicious fresh but not a keeper….instead I opted for a Victoria Sandwich with butter cream and strawberry jam and mocha fairy cakes more of an afternoon ‘fancy’…..very rich and even though I say so myself, very nice.

When I tuck into to homemade cake I wonder how we all put up with some of the stuff we get offered in coffee shops…I often daydream about visiting a tearoom where they bake fresh everyday….I wonder if any exist?


  1. I remember once being given seed cake at my Great Aunt Rose's house. Even though I was a most well-behaved and polite little girl, I just couldn't help myself, and spat my first bite out immediately, horrified that anything supposed to be enjoyable would taste that awful. So, I think Victoria sponge is a much better plan, especially as I already know how delicious your sponge cakes are :-)

  2. No but by the look of those cakes you should open one!

  3. WOW! Those cakes look delicious. Looking forward to an invite to your next coffee morning!

  4. Hello!

    Ive just stumbled upon your lovely blog today via Pebbledash, and Im mightily glad I did!
    Oh goodness, those cakes look sublime, and you're quite right - nothing compares to a home baked one does it? I sometimes dream about opening such a place as you write of, where everything is home baked and delicious!

    Im adding you to my favourites list, so I can come by and visit you again soon!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  5. My cousin has a dream of owning a café in which she will bake and cook every day. It's my worst nightmare, although I do bake every week, sometimes twice a week.

    Your cakes look scrummy :) x

  6. Lovely work.
    I made lemon curd the yesterday and felt exactly the same. the trouble is home made LC doesn't keep either so that means I have to eat it it all at once..perhaps i'll make a cake to spread it on.
    (By the way hope you don't mind me saying but I thought Constance Fry was a prison reformer)

  7. Anonymous10:42 AM

    mmm those cupcakes look lovely!


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