Sunday, April 11

Let Me Introduce You

These are my auricula babies.

It isn’t the first time I have tried to cultivate these beauties….but this time I have read several books, bought special compost and grit and lavished attention upon them….one of them, Beatrice hasn’t been well….a bad case of mould….but please don’t mention it in front of her. I am positive she will pull through
To get them ready for my photo shoot I updated the plant labels to pale grey which I think are a huge improvement on the usual white plastic.


  1. I love auriculas! (Mine thrive despite my neglect). These are so pretty.

  2. Oh my they are in bloom....gorgeous. Mine are still waiting in the wings....when they are ready, I will post......

  3. I love auriculas too! Mine are just coming into flower but I think I should of repotted them this year!
    I like the pale grey lables too.

  4. I'm loving all this auricula love....they deserve it - being such cheerful little plants

  5. i love your auricula babies gigi .. well done as they sound very tricky to grow.. and here's hoping Beatrice recovers from her m**ld!!

  6. pretty! is it strange that i think of plant personalities? your auriculas look like friendly girls. so nice that you put all that care into nuturing them...get well soon bea! XxX

  7. They are beautiful, perfect models.

  8. I have a pot of auriculas that thrive and produce beautiful flowers despite me ignoring them for most of the year. I think the secret is to have the alpine variety rather than hybrid.


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