Wednesday, April 14

Hogs are Back

It seems hibernation is over in the hedgehog community and much to my relief and delight my little spiky visitors have returned.

I think this is a new face….I’m calling him Nero.
He has a very good appetite and looks nice and healthy


  1. Glad to know somebody is still having visits from hedgehogs.... I don't know HOW many years it is since I last saw one, and it worries me.........

  2. Hooray and hurrah. Nero is a very fine name for a hedgehog. I wonder if he's told his friends about you ... I also wonder what he's decided to call you?

    Sorry - my brain is a liability. Just be thankful you don't have to live with it inside your head.


  3. He does look very healthy.
    I do get them in the garden but sadly I often see them on the roadside.......

  4. Aha, perhaps I can now dismantle my bonfire pile if hedgehogs are on the move!


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