Saturday, April 24

Where's My Dinner?

Nero was waiting for his dinner this evening.....with Jackson the cat.... who kept knocking my hands.... hence the rubbish photos....blame the cat!

I was surprised he didn't roll up in a ball with all of what was going on....

-Missed his pretty face-
I have re opened the front garden 'cafe' despite the garden not being finished....I found hedgehog poo under the bird table - a sure sign of visitation.


  1. Its good to see a hedgehog that is alive and well, they will soon be an endangered species!

  2. A Hedgehog Cafe, that's certainly different. It's lovely to have a little bit of wildlife right on your doorstep.

  3. Enjoy your hedgehog....they are beginning to be a rarity most places.
    Sadly I see most of them on the road......


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