Sunday, April 18

Visiting Pops

Yesterday I visited an open day at Pops Plants, a specialist auricula nursery near Salisbury.
My lovely friend Louise and I set off at 7:30am to ensure we were the ‘early birds’
Needless to say some came home with us….as one can never have enough auriculas.
They are totally bewitching and addictive.

Everyone we met was as dotty as we were about them… and advice was gleaned.

Old terracotta sets them off perfectly.

I am so pretty.

My new lovelies


  1. can never have too many auriculas. Mine are just about to bloom.....

    Very very pretty is that last bloom......

  2. Oh I agree!
    They are wonderful and pretty!

  3. I always think of Auriculas as 'mine'. When I was 7 years old we moved house and the garden was full of them in the spring. I'd never seen them before and no one else seemed to have them. I was ill in bed once and my Mum, not one for frippery, picked a big bunch for my bedroom . I really must buy some for my garden. They really are special.

  4. I don't think I have ever owned an Auricula ... but that shall be remedied one day. They are, as you say, just lovely. :) x

  5. Gosh they are very pretty, are they very hard work?

  6. I need to start thinking about planting up my patio pots - would these plants be OK to use. I usually go for Violas and Pansies as they seem to thrive no matter what I do (I am not greenfingered at all!!)

  7. i don't have any either but i think i shall seek out some so i can join your team! i love that yellow one with the grey foliage.

    isn't jackie's comment lovely?

    {glad you had fun on your early morning mission!}


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