Saturday, July 31

Coming along nicely

Despite having no rain for what seems like months the front garden is doing very well. I have been watering with ‘grey water’ aka bath water which I lug out every few days….
With the exception of the borage (blew over and had rust) I haven’t lost any plants.
My hedgehogs don’t seem to have any problems walking over the gravel and despite Kevin the gardener’s prediction that the gravel would become a cat toilet it hasn’t…..but it has become a fox toilet….


This morning

There are still a few gaps but hopefully by next spring they will be filled.


  1. Gosh it looks great, my garden has been badly neglected! you can have some of our rain-we have loads!

  2. Oh your garden looks great, certainly is flourishing, despite the water situation.
    Hard to get my head around the fact that you have to use grey water in it. I always think of the UK as having plenty of rain and always green........
    Thought it was only here in Oz that we have to do the bucket thing through Summer.
    Have had a good Winter with reasonable rain for a change. Not quite like it used to be, but certainly better than it has been.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Its really pretty. Well worth the effort earlier in the year.
    It would be quite good if we could turn the Ukround for a week or two. We've had loads of rain but have low reservoirs and lakes apparently.

  4. I am so impressed! What an amazing change. The new garden looks so beautiful, and I'm very glad that the hedgehogs approve. I had to laugh at the thought of foxes trotting in to do their business in the best fox toilet in town. Happy gardening.

  5. Goodness me Lynne! Have Ground Force been in? It looks really pretty. We especially like the sleepers.

  6. The garden looks great! We are doing a bit of "landscaping" in our at the moment, which includes preparing to plant new lawn. It's hard work but I cannot wait to see the end result. Good luck with yours!


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