Saturday, July 10

Stray Cat

I have a new man in my life….

Isn’t he lovely?
He is my stray cat. Well it turns out he isn’t really my stray cat….I am officially his no.2 Mummy….he has another mummy who provides breakfasts and shelter but he seems to like my dinners.

Moments before his capture.....
He has forgiven me for getting him trapped by the Cats Protection who castrated him and gave him a much needed health check and micro chipping…..and has returned.
It turns out his no.1 Mum calls him Tommy and can stroke the top of his head which I am not allowed to do - she found him when she was feeding foxes and he kept turning up....
As this is the nearest thing I have to owning a cat while Harry is with us so I am delighted.


  1. Well I hope he keeps coming back for your dinners and you end up with a good strong bond, by the way cats Never forget but with a little time they understand you were only thinking of them!

  2. Don't let Miss Dog read this, but I adore cats. Oh no, she read my mind and came over with her big brown eyes looking deeply hurt. I love dogs too, Miss Dog! I am very impressed that you managed to capture Mr Pussycat and send him off for some very sensible surgery. Hopefully he will be less inclined to get himself into mischief fighting and carrying out unseemly acts with the local ladies. He might become a very loving friend. After all the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

  3. How nice to have him around even if it is only for your fab dinners. A little stray adopted us years ago, she was very young and very, very timid. I think she fell in love with our TIgger, her big manly protector! Maybe he was the father figure she never had.
    Anyway, she came with us when we moved house. It took quite a few years before I could really pat her and I can pick her up and hold her for at least 30 seconds. But she does love a good brush being a long haired lass and will sit on the couch next to me for ages. She even rolls over so I can scratch her tummy, now that's trust. I found holding small pieces of liver out to her was one way to get closer to her. Liver, mmm irresistible for cats anyway!!

  4. We are looking after a rescued stray at the moment - a 6 week old kitten that really belongs to my assistant Kit.
    He is meant to be buttering up Euan as part of the campaign to get another cat but he spends a lot of time acting like a very vicious gremlin so that isn't going too well;
    Lovely to have a cat about even if its at a distance - well done you getting him properly sorted out.
    J x

  5. What a great story and well done getting Tommy to the vets. I am no 2 Mummy to Pedro who takes most meals up the road but comes here for extras. At present no 1 Mummy is on holiday so I have that post too, I love it but wish Pedro and I could get a bit closer. Time will tell.

  6. Hello Jenny - I was unable to email you as you have no link on your's nice to know some stray cats have several Mummies....hope Pedro is being a good boy for you.


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