Sunday, August 15

Hello Dolly

I am a very happy bunny as I've finally got hold of a dolly tub.

Not quite Petersham Nursery yet but my back garden is work in progress. It suffers from the same problem as the front – levels all over the place. And crap clay soil. Apart from that………however Sarah Raven has clay soil and it hasn’t held her back.
The front is still looking very nice and has received a lot of patronage from my feline friends.

Dandelion unusually coy

Stray cat eating his second dinner.


  1. The pictures look so lovely and I am most envious of the tub.

  2. Looks great. I hope you have understanding neighbours...people round here see a dolly tub as scrap metal. Ours just 'disappeared.'

  3. Ooo.. Sarah Raven eat your heart out... Lovin' the tub by the way...:OP

  4. Its looking good, the stray cat seems happy with his second dinner too!


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