Monday, August 16

Another Brick in the Wall

Two lovely builders arrived this morning exactly when they said they would and began to sort out part my garage wall which was bowing out.

Sadly my garage wall isn’t a thing of beauty, no flint and handmade brick here but it does have potential and that’s good enough.

There are plans now to put up some trellis and perhaps plant a rambling rose….

Harry was a very good boy and only barked once….I think he’s checking for biscuit crumbs…


  1. Monty says thank you very much for the English kisses! He is on my knee as I admire your latest projects. What is a dolly tub? I've never seen such a thing here. Monty and I were very pleased to see the lovely cat photos in the front garden. A rambling rose over the garage sounds perfect. You could grow a beautiful clematis through the rose to add an extra pretty touch. Miss Dog says Harry was very restrained keeping his barks under control, and she would be equally particular about making sure biscuit crumbs were eliminated from the garden. XXX

  2. hi gill
    you have been very busy lately - it will look lovely with a rose over the structure - lovely colour too!
    i love the dolly tub - what a great find.


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