Wednesday, August 25

Rain Stops Play

I am not moaning – I have been longing for rain for so long now it’s here I am enjoying it…..but it has stopped the tarting up of the garage.

For once I wanted to use paint I already had but sadly I didn’t like anything I had and was moaning about it to my neighbour when she gave me her left over Marston & Langinger ‘Pewter’ she had used on the front of her house. Perfect.

It reminds me of the blue/grey of Charleston Farmhouse.

I think my garage is starting to have ideas above its station…..


  1. It does look good, very posh! It's been sunny here all day but I think rain is due tomorrow!

  2. i am quite ashamed to say our heating was flicked on for a hour tonight. a dull rainy day and a bit on the chilly side...i am however enjoying seeing our garden breathe a sigh of relief. and wearing more layers is quite a joy too! your door looks spot on. grey is good and how good that it was leftovers...tres thrifty! love your new layout and header. the blog has a nice fresh and tidy feeling and is a joy to visit as always. xX

  3. Actually I think the first photo looks even more like Charleston! Very Vanessa.

  4. Gorgeous grey, but like Sue, I rather liked the patchwork of the first picture.

  5. like your new header and layout.
    the pewter door is posh ~ hope garage makeover resumes soon.x


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