Tuesday, August 17

Bake Off!

Did any of you watch tonight’s The Great British Bake Off on BBC2?
I had to watch when I saw that Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc were presenting, a long overdue reunion in my opinion as they are so good together.

Sponge Cake....I wonder if I'd get through to the next round?
I cried when the chubby blokes marmalade cake dipped and Mary Berry said, ‘it’s sunk’ and he replied, ‘ I’m sorry’…..
Of course I absolutely hate the competitive element and how some of the contestants ‘really want to win’

Minus points for being overdone?
There are 3 I now want to be eliminated as their naked ambition is not to my taste and the male judge is already getting on my nerves…. but an whole hour of baking fun and Mel and Sue I shall certainly be watching next week.
What the makers of this programme obviously using the Materchief template are missing is the solitary, contemplative nature of baking – the fact that cakes can’t be rushed and as some of us know that doesn’t end well.


  1. Oh yes, concentration, quiet and no distractions are prerequisites for a happy baking session at my house. And making sure I've got all of the ingredients before I start helps a lot. Happy munching XXX

  2. Dammit, I missed the first half! I did love the second half, especially the mixture of little historical facts and walkabouts with the actual competition, it saved it being too Masterchefy.

    Mel 'n' Sue back together again is reason enough to rejoice I feel. I'm looking forward to next week now!

  3. Oh I missed it, must catch it next week!

  4. thank you for making my day!! news of mel and sue back together? my very favourite girls...twas only the other night when me and c sat watching the culture show he said why doesn't sue work with mel anymore? but huzzah our prayers have already been answered! and on a baking programme?? be still my beating heart!! the ultimate tv heaven...i am dashing off to iplayer now. kiss kiss

  5. oh blast i missed it - i had read about it but it went right out of my head as things seem to lately!
    cake looks good to me

  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I do like your new look :)

  7. Blimey you've gone all posh with your new blog... lovin' the new header by the way..
    I too felt sorry for the man who 'does savoury better than he does sweet' I hated that his bottom lip was going, as he got knocked out.....
    But 'O' happy days of lovley baking..... :o)

  8. Hey Lynn thanks for popping over for a visit.
    The exhibition was wonderful, I don't think I have a favourite artist as such, but appreciate aspects of different styles. Mind you there were plenty of paintings I would have liked to take home and hang.

    Love the stamps, not sure how I will use them, but one day I will get a 'brilliant' idea!

    Enjoy your weekend, hope you're getting some sunshine.

    Claire X


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