Tuesday, November 9

Veni, vidi, vici

Despite the gales and rain Baby Mother and I took a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace.
Baby Mother can remember a school trip there where she dropped her purse and all her money fell on a mosaic floor so she jumped down to retrieve it and was accused of trying to steal some tessera….after 38 years we thought it was safe to return. We even got to handle some of the finds which was great fun – just like being in a Time Team episode.

Because of all the rain there had been some flooding of some of the mosaic floors, the worst of it in the baths!

We could actually see the water bubbling up from the ground
There were also 5 coach loads of children but to our relief very well behaved…one school in particular arrived in Roman dress, togas and Laurel wreaths including the teachers which did tickle us.
On my return Harry and I went down the beach so he could stretch his legs and I could feed the crows. They are such fun but trying to wrangle a bag of bread, camera and Harry the hound was nigh on impossible.

The Usual Suspects


  1. I have confused myself (which is not hard) and now am not sure where to start. I was going to mention Bill Oddie and how I listened to a programme about the Goodies today, but then I remembered it's not him on Time Team it's Tony Robinson, which makes it totally irrelevant to mention Bill Oddie. I think it's best if I go now.

  2. Very glad she was not recognized from her previous visit.

  3. Harry looks perfectly well 'wrangled' despite the confusion of being set upon ..confusingly.. by crows. Where were the seagulls?

  4. We love watching Time Team here. Miss Dog wouldn't be as gracious as Harry about the crows. Mr and Mrs Magpie, who live in the trees near our place, send her into a frenzy of outraged barking whenever they land on our fence. We don't have crows here. Hardly any interesting archaeology either. XX


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