Saturday, December 18

My First Resolution

I have already made a resolution for next year and it’s to do with Christmas cards…..if I had my way (bah humbug) I wouldn’t send any but as I hardly ever get my way the most dreaded task of Christmas – writing the Christmas cards has hung over me like a black cloud.
It hasn’t helped that ‘the list’ has been lost….so we have been waiting for cards to arrive and then send ours out which has meant a constant drip, drip, drip.
Last year when the man of the house was down to one ankle I gave him the task and well, all I can say it didn’t end well so it’s back to me (he was unable to chose an appropriate card for the recipient and would just work his way through a pack….and then couldn’t understand why I got upset…)

So my resolution is come November to get my cards out and write them and then early December send and then FORGET.


  1. Hello - just popped by via "Fieldy"! Despite being a cardmaker I have become a very poor card sender (a bit like the cobbler whose children have no shoes sort of thing!) - but it was not always thus. These days by the time it gets to Christmas.....!

  2. sigh...although i look forward to sending ours out it always seems more of a chore than i anticipate. and takes sooo long. i am so with you for being more organised next year. i used to scoff at folk who told tales of starting shopping in october and now as a pram pusher i can only dream of not having to go near a high street ever again in december. especially in this weather! (most of my online shopping still hasn't turned up and i'm starting to think it won't be here in time.) x

  3. I gave up sending cards and buying any pressies 'bout 3 years ago. Nothing bah humbug about it, we just have everything we really need.
    Was a very liberating feeling, no queues, looking for carparks, battling crowds etc.etc. etc.
    I wonder why people continue these traditions if they are such a dreaded task...........
    These days I donate to some charities and can sit back and relax and enjoy the holidays.

  4. In years gone by - before I had kids - I used to try to write my cards towards the end of November, and concentrate on other aspects of Christmas in December. It seems such a luxury now! Hope you manage to keep your resolution! x

  5. I don't send any - Instead I write letters to the people I don't see much over the holidays when there is time and post them in the New Year.
    When I used to send cards they would sit in a guilt inducing pile ruining my evenings.
    Have a great Christmas;
    J x

  6. Be strong . . .don't send any. I don't, I give to Mc Millan instead. Much more worthwhile, Have a wonderful Christmas, love Helen xx

  7. I spend ages writing little newsy notes in the cards only to get ones back from people we rarely see with nothing but their signatures. And cards from the neighbours who can hardly be bothered to speak to us in the street, don't get me started on that.

  8. Merry Christmas! It is hot here and we've had the official present opening session around the Christmas tree. I didn't send a single Christmas card- very naughty, but somehow Father Christmas forgave me and didn't give me coal. XXX

  9. Bit late commenting on this, but just browsing blogland and found your blog! we really cut down on card sending this year, then got lots from people we had cut from our list - oops! Hope you had a good Christmas!

  10. I'm doing mine for 2011 this weekend, putting them in a drawer, and making a note on the calendar for the 1 December to post them. I dont get them out either otherwise!

  11. Hello!

    That sounds like a plan.
    I left mine til last minute, kept putting it off and oh my goodness I didn't enjoy it at all...isnt that awful? Thing is, it's such a chore nowadays...maybe being organised is the answer!

    Happy New Year
    Love Julia x x x

  12. Blimey thats some resolution! I unfortunatly refuse to get involved in Christmas until the last December birthday is done, that's not til the 15th! So alas my cards are always destined to be late LOL! Look forward to reading your blog ♥Sue♥

  13. Hello,

    Long time no comment! I do pop in and read though! I hope you have a great 2011.



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