Tuesday, January 25


Computer problems and poor light have kept me away….but I am returned with a new power adaptor…

I have recently discovered the delights of roasting bags.
My mother used to use them when I was growing up but I’ve never experimented until now…..

I’ve been using them to roast vegetables and they’ve worked extremely well…. The obvious added advantage is all the mess is contained so there is no washing up of oven trays…I bought mine from Lakeland but I’m sure they can probably be more cheaply sourced elsewhere.

To change the subject on you matters you may find more aesthetically pleasing I have started dressmaking classes with a friend.
Not much to show at present as we are still fitting our patterns….when we get to cutting the fabric I will take my camera.


  1. Sweet Birdy Love1:11 AM

    Ah yes, roasting bags, they weren't around when I was growing up....... I found a recipe for making risotto in the microwave using a roasting bag. Not for purists, but it worked a treat and tasted just as good.

    Enjoy your dressmaking class, am sure you'll have loads of photos to share.

    Claire :)

  2. Have fun with your dressmaking classes, can't wait to see the results!

  3. I've been going to a machine quilting class and have had so much fun and learned heaps. I bet you'll be able to make really complicated things. Have a great timeXXX


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