Monday, February 14

Laws of Attraction

Last Monday a new pure wool, hessian backed carpet arrived at Gigibird Towers….we’ve waited a long time for carpet and since it’s arrival I’ve implemented a shoes off rule to the upstairs….but this morning I forgot to remove my Crocs I had just worn outside in my muddy water soaked garden….
Thankfully it hoovered up….and in a way I’m glad it was me that was the first one to leave mud on it.

However my neighbour wasn’t so lucky…her new carpet wasn’t 24 hours hours old before it was ‘Christened’ by one of her cats over night… and they didn’t use Holy water

The sun has shown it’s face this afternoon so Harry and I went to look at the sea…still very cold but beautiful.


  1. not to boast, but a few years ago I had a lovely cream carpet put in my lounge. After many rules about eating, drinking, waliking, breathing on it I popped out leaving the children at home ALONE.
    I'm sorry to say that upon my return I discovered 4 white faced teenagers and a stain the colour of bolognaise sauce, arghhh!!!!! Needless to say it didn't hoover up LOL. Enjoy your new carpet and lets hope that ant 'accidents' can be hoovered up easily!

  2. Sweet Birdy Love10:23 PM

    Hey Lynn, your new carpet looks lovely,will be nice and warm underfoot.
    Glad it cleaned up ok, always a worry with new floor coverings.
    Wish I could just wander down the road and be by the sea side, just lovely.

    Claire :}

  3. How lovely. I bet you spent ages choosing just the right colour and texture. Early on in our relationship my lovely Johnny tipped Coca Cola on my parent's brand new cream carpet. It was one of those truly hideous moments and we still remind him about it from time to time. You are so lucky living near the seaside. Heavenly. XX

  4. Oh how lovely, I just love the smell of new carpet, don't you?
    Enjoy it, love Helen xx

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    oh no cat pee must have been harder to remove than mud!

    It's a lovely carpet! We have a new sofa and there is also a new "shoes" off rule for our living room!

    That last pic makes me wish I was by the sea!

  6. It looks beautiful. We have a cream one in the bedroom, christened first by dog (sick) but fortunately she'd been eating something 'beige' , then the cat sick, not so fortunate but small, then a big non-holy water christening by the dog.
    I bought a 'vax.'


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