Friday, February 25

Caveat venditor

For the last week or so I have been dipping my toe in to the strange world of selling on Ebay.

Should I do a buy it now on this?

I started with a batch of Baby Mother’s Boden mistakes which made my first experience relatively easy as Boden seems a popular brand and I guess people know what they are getting….but out of the five items I sold I’ve got an non payer which has completely thrown me as I rather naively thought that people would pay as soon as bidding finished because that’s what I have always done….

Do I say I am selling this because my dog won't sit next to me if I'm wearing it?

My neighbour is having a similar experience with one of her buyers….
I am now reluctantly formulating my terms and conditions which has kind of taken the fun out of the selling process…

Do the "bobbles" illustrate the cardigan has some wear?


  1. I have never sold anything on ebay but bought a few things, I never win a bid though. I to thought everyone pays up when bidding stops.....can't help you there!

  2. I find the world of Ebay very odd indeed. I really dislike the way people try to sell items that they've obviously just bought to sell, like Lidl wool, and then ramp up the postage costs. Having said that I recently bid and won some Opal yarn, paid the money and the parcel arrived in a couple of days with absolutely no contact between buyer and seller, nothing in the parcel but wool.

  3. i do a lot of ebaying. in fact i was only thinking to myself the other day i almost hire out the clothes i buy on ebay...wear for a while then pop them back on to sell. it doesn't bother me. like i'm happy to have something in my house that's come from a charity shop. i know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it suits me.

    i have had a few upsets along the way but considering i've got a feedback status in the 500s there have only been a handful of troubles which isn't too bad going.

    my worst fear is that i've somehow left a cat hair on something i've posted!! like jenny i don't like it when items i've bought are just stuffed in a jiffy wrapping..?

    good luck with your auction adventures! free listing today. x

  4. Ahh the mysterious world of ebay! I have to say that I've only sold a few things but with no problems and the things I've bought have been fab! It's the first place I look for interesting vintage household items. The 1930s lampshades in our kitchen were all sourced from ebay at a fraction of the cost of new ones! For clothes I give myself a strict budget and stick to it, though it drives you crazy when you get outbid in the last minute LOL! Have fun.

  5. I love eBay, but am lucky never to have had a non-payer. Like you, if I'm buying, I pay as soon as the auction has ended - or as soon as I can after that if I'm away from the poota. I have a whole box of stuff I need to put on eBay - will let you know how I get on! :) x

  6. I use ebay alot for work and have only had one or two annoying experiences - mainly to do with the vendor taking too long to post something that I need NOW! I have only sold a couple of things which was OK. My main problem is with the fact that Paypal seem to favour the buyer over the vendor and I have one bad experience with a person supposedly not receiving his parcel and paypal automatically taking the money in dispute from my account - apparently it is a bit of a scam but can be avoided by insisting the purchaser pays for a tracked service.


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