Monday, May 16

In the Clouds

I went up here today

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth
I almost walked on the glass floor

Can you spot HMS Victory?

Later I ate what seemed like a fluffy green cloud.


  1. Hey Lynn, I assume there is an elevator in the Spinnaker Tower?.............

    I'm with you, I would ' almost walk' on the glass floor too.
    Does putting one foot on it count?

    Looks like it was a lovely day and I have never eater a fluffy, green cloud but it does look yummy.

    Claire :}

  2. Looks like an excellent day to visit, great views! I was VERY brave when I visited but oooo made my feet tingle! I have to tell you my daughter worked at the tower when they were building it and went to the top before they out the spike on, so above the floor level!!!! I have a photo of her on my Flickr account. Check out the Portsmouth set. ♥

  3. Wow- that looks so tall! There is something very, very creepy about walking on glass floors. I realised when I saw your delicious cloud that I've never eaten souffle before. Time to rectify that situation I think! XX

  4. The green fluffy cloud looks yum! Is it sweet or savoury?

  5. Lynn! Fancy not walking across the glass floor? Luckily you didn't choose today to go, you wouldn't have seen much! x

  6. feel a little bit dizzy!

    but i think i'd like to stay a while in the clouds. it must have felt nice eating that. up there. fluffy green meals must contain zero calories surely?

    and i love the photo of the boats. gorgeous colours. looks like a very nice day trip was had by all. x

  7. hi lynn
    what amazing views! i don't know if i would walked across the glass or not????
    i would have had the souffle though!
    take care

  8. I've seen the tower from the Isle of Wight. I was forced to walk over a glass floor in the new Maxxi Museum in Rome, that was quickest way down and two young boys were very amused by my reluctance to do so.

  9. Oh . . . . . . . . . . . that glass floor, very wize not to!!
    Love Helen xx

  10. For a minute I thought you'd been to Dubai!
    I wouldn't have gone up there let alone on the galss floor, although the green cloud might have tempted me.

  11. That must be an awesome time on the top of this tower. The first photo seems so much like the Burj-ul-Arab building with a sail flying high!
    It has got quite a resemblance with the Burj0ul-Arab building in Dubai!


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