Sunday, April 24

Come into the Garden

Have you noticed anything else in the front?

Thought I should capture the clematis Montana before it’s over – probably tomorrow.

New to me a very smart cat house.
Some of you may remember I have an occasional stray cat visitor who was dividing his time between me and his Mummy no.1 who lives in a near by road. Last winter she upgraded his sleeping quarters to what is essentially a luxury wooden chalet and very kindly gave me his old house.

A rare glimpse of stray cat aka 'Tommy'
I would like to think now the warmer weather is here he may start visiting me again but if he doesn’t perhaps someone else may take up residence...I am not talking about one of the cats from next door….although they are of course welcome to camp out of the mood takes them.


  1. Beautiful clematis - the first few flowers are only just appearing on ours.

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely clematis - I always wondered what that type was. I have a neighbour 2 closes up that has a magnificent one of these that flowers every year which I enjoy looking at from my kitchen window. My own rather disappointing clematis only manages to produce 4 or 5 flowers if I am lucky!

  3. hi

    i hope you are well and taking good care of yourself.

    what a lovely clematis!

    thank you so much for your comments about oska - a tear wells up even as i am writing this. he was such a sweet little innocent dog without an inch of aggression in him. i am and will miss him trmendously.

  4. Gorgeous clematis, ours arn't out yet here in the noeth east,
    Love Helen x

  5. Lucky us- your clematis keeps on blooming around the world for us to see. They are breathtaking when they are in full bloom. I love the cat chalet. Mr Jasper came with a similarly shaped fabric one for indoor use. He prefers our walk-in wardrobe. Judging by how much he eats I'm sure it won't be long before he's looking for a second mummy to supplement his rations. He'd love living next door to you! XX

  6. wonderful little seaside garden


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