Friday, February 24

Is it really February?

I can hardly believe it will be March soon - time passes very fast.
Me and Gran
This is a photo of my Granny and I probably taken in the mid to late 1960's...
My Granny
And this is a photo of my Gran taken I think in 1918/1919 not long before she married
I am currently looking at my family tree and have stumbled across some very fascinating ancestors. It's a subject that is deeply interesting to yourself but probably very dull for those around you but thankfully Stella and Baby Mother are looking into their family histories too so we're like a little club.


  1. is it nearly march?

    it IS lovely to see your post pop up! and i think your photos are wonderful. treasured grandmothers are something to celebrate and i do find the possibility of learning more about family trees very exciting. it is wonderful you are embarking on the discoveries as a club.

  2. I got hooked on the family can be a wonderful hobby and also take over your life!
    I love the photos of your Granny, she was a beautiful young woman and a happy looking grandma.

  3. I find it all fascinating. I enjoy seeing other peoples old photos and a note of the history of them. What a wonderful photo from the early 1900's, your Gran was very beautiful.

    After I moved to where I live now I realised that the farmhouse where my 9th great grandparents and other relatives lived from the early 1600's to the mid 1800's is just down the road from me (my father had done our family tree years ago) I pass the farmhouse nearly everyday and its an odd feeling. There are more things I could tell you but lucky for you I wont bore you HEE HEE! I have wanted to blog about my family tree for years but it probably isnt interesting to other blog readers.

  4. Family history is fascinating and even though someone may have done all the hard work for you there is so much to discover - occupations, 2nd marriages....illegitimacy, transportations... why don't you blog about it -

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Hi Gigi,

    thanks for popping by and telling me your etsy story. I have my you can see, but isnt regretsy a hoot?

    I hop eyour two lady cats are settling in well and have taken over all the important furniture.


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