Tuesday, May 8

Is it really May?

Ha ha - it's May and quite honestly it still feels like March. This morning while I was visiting a local charity shop my Liberty radar went off big time. As I am sure most of you Liberty fabric lovers will know old lady clothes -or posh old lady clothes are often made in Liberty fabrics and you can often get a lot of fabric out of an old lady dress or skirt - Poppy and Honesty is the name of the design -I checked on the Liberty fabric archive... One of the reason my blogging has fallen by the wayside is my new computer; I shan't bore you with the technicalities but it's do to with getting photos uploaded onto here...so until I resolve the problem...todays photo is of last years auriculas. This years show which has yet to be photographed is surprisingly good considering I have thought them to be on the verge of death... Other news is a pair of herring gulls have decided to nest on a neighbours roof....and before any of you go all Spring Watch on me they are very noisy and I am not at all happy about it. Abused and Neglected but still alive!


  1. Glad you're back! Have missed your posts.

  2. Hello Stranger.....we missed you!
    glad to see you back blogging.

  3. love your flowers, and glad to see you back! Yeh gulls are just noisy aren't they, hopefully they grow up and leave quickly! In the Spring watch vein I got very excited the other day when a little quiet Blue tit took a tour round our bird box. Unfortunately it wasn't to his liking and off he went...maybe next year!


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