Wednesday, October 10

Concerning Drying Laundry

One of the best things about summer - even the rather washed out one we’ve just had is being able to get the washing out on the washing line to dry - zero expense and for many purists the only way if you want to save the word and your bank balance but even this early in the autumn and with the winter months ahead my pragmatic head knows that there has to be a plan B. This morning I removed my filter of my condensing tumble dryer and had rather a looked like a fluffy grey blob; I hung my head in even more shame when I was told via You Tube that a tumble dry filter should be washed through once a month or after 20 uses!!!!!! not once a year if it’s lucky! On Stella’s recommendation I have purchased a heated clothes dryer from Lakeland - and so here’s my plan to tackle drying for the next few months On dry clear days washing will be hung outside to dry but then finished off on the airer over night On wet days washing will be started off in the tumble dryer and finished off on the heated airer. Apart from the obvious aim of achieving dry washing I don’t want a house full of condensation. I also don’t want to have a huge electricity bills - so watch this space The Lakeland airer is said to cost as little as 5p per hour....


  1. Oh my, I didn't know a tumble drier filter had to be washed. Mine's lucky if it gets emptied.
    I am also feeling the sadness that marks the end of hanging the washing out to dry; I'm all in favour of hanging washing on the radiators now that the heating is on in the evenings for an hour or two, but hubby is not a big fan of the 'chinese laundry' look.

  2. oh how i love a laundry-post!

    you always have the best tips. i hate hanging the washing indoors...luckily it can be banished to the spare room but as we are trying to just have the woodburner lit and not the heating on in the house so far it is in danger of going down the musty route. who knew heated airers existed??

    our weather is not too bad yet so washing goes out on the line as much as possible. even just to "hazel" as my grandma would have said :) still a fan of damp ironing here. and with quite a lot of tiny clothes to wash they do dry quickly. if only the husband would stop playing sport 3 times a week...towels grrrrr. x

  3. I like my long lines stretching across the vegetable garden. I feel like a pioneer woman when I'm hanging the washing out. We are entering the season of great outside drying, which is a great relief after using my dreaded drying rack, which is inclined to pinch my fingers and refuse to co-operate with being erected.


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