Friday, August 31

Vanessa Visits

Last week I put an over ripe pear onto the bird table as my small birds appreciate orchard fruits if the mood takes them. As the week progressed and the sun came out the pear became a rotting lump that I kept meaning to remove...
This morning however butterflies have been visiting drinking the fermenting nectar within. As I only see one butterfly at any one time I don't know if it's one very thirsty visitor or several - anyway it just goes to show just how wonderful and thrifty nature is not wasting even an old pear.
My visitor is a Red Admiral - the latin name is Vanessa atalanta which is suitably pretty for such a beautiful butterfly.


  1. I have seen few butterflies this summer...until these past few days, they are in the gaeden and I am sure the appreciate your rotting pear!

  2. Good to know someone appreciated that pear! I've had a few butterflies in my garden this year, but still no Peacock, not seen for 3/4 years now. We did have a lovely tortoiseshell the other day which I haven't seen for ages. Bees on the other hand..........just loads!

  3. I have also suddenly seen a lot of butterflies in the past few days - but still not the best year. It is good to think that you have provided some food for them!

    Pomona x

  4. We have Red Admiral butterflies over here in New Zealand. I see them fluttering around in the vegetable patch sometimes. I've got a bird feeder out currently, but the birds are so well fed at the moment that they are much slower to eat it all up compared to Autumn and Winter. XXX

  5. hi
    i hope you are well
    there have been lots of butterflies and dragonflies in our garden which is so lovely to see. not so many wasps or bees though. i encourage the birds with a bird bath and various bird feeding areas as i love to watch them feed and have a bath.
    simple pleasures eh?


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