Monday, November 4

Avian Hiatus

it's been a long time -

Part of my absence has been down acquiring 3 chickens back in April.

Prior to getting them I spent almost every hour reading and researching everything I could - I guess I was like an expectant mother getting ready for baby to arrive...

If you are thinking about having chickens then you should know


Disease and pestilence will visit you regardless how clean and attentive you are.

They are very fragile and can be well in the morning and dead by the afternoon.

Their eggs are NOT cost effective.

But they are delicious.

Last month we re-homed 4 ex-battery chickens, within a few days one had to be put to sleep but the 3 remaining have made it thus has a chronic chest infection which all my 'flock' are currently being treated for and they rarely lay eggs...and when they do they are very poor quality with runny whites.

All the disease and death I have mentioned is expensive - I don't wish to do it myself when the times comes to say goodbye nor do I particularly want to become an 'internet vet'

Beth who was only with us a few days cost £5 from the rescue centre but £45 to be euthanised - I don't begrudge her a dignified end but in none of the 8 books I read before I got chickens did anyone really discuss the real costs of keeping chickens.

Even saying all of the above I just love my girls...they are such sweet funny little creatures and really love human company...


  1. Hello Lynn - I found your blg by browsing Pinterest - I am just dipping my toe into it at the moment, it is very time consuming and I'm having difficulty getting my head round it - trying to get it to link with my blog and Facebook is a pain. Anyway, what I meant to say was - I thought this was MY board for a brief instant, until I noticed your photo and our names are spelled differently.But how weird! And a bit of serendipity, I am loving your pinterest boards and just getting my teeth into your blog. See you later!

    1. Hello Lynne!
      Wouldn't it be spooky if our husbands were related?
      I love Pinterest although it's a terrible time waster....
      I am working my way through your blog now - thank you so much for making contact.
      Happy New Year


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