Wednesday, February 19


This is what Vera looked like when we first collected her from the rescue centre back in October 2013

And this is what she looked like on Sunday

She's such a sweetie - very good natured…loves her grub.


  1. She's beautiful - it just shows what a difference TLC and a less stressful life can make.

  2. Thanks Scarlett I am very proud of all my girls…..I can't recommend ex batts enough.

  3. She looks so different; much more relaxed and healthy than in photo no. 1.

    1. Hi Justine, lovely to hear from you - Vera loves her carbs! and I read you can't overfeed chickens - or was I just dreaming that? she very happy now….

  4. We have 4 hens and I LOVE them to bits. Mabel, Olwyn Eva and Bev. The eggs are absolutely gorgeous and my favourite way to cook them must be peached. The yellowness of the yolks is sublime!

  5. Hello Mrs Nesbitt,
    Deciding to keep chickens was one of the best decisions we've ever made.
    Our yokes are lovely and yellow too - must be all the greens they eat.
    Love your girls names.
    I love poached but my current favourite is soft boiled…delicious

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Lyn..she has such a sweet kind nature.


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