Thursday, April 17

All Change

Since writing my last post little Vera has gone to chicken heaven...she was with us for almost 6 months and got to feel grass beneath her feet and the sun on her pretty little face….

As you can see from the photo any future chickens won’t be feeling any grass under foot as it’s all gone! 4 chickens and one of the wettest winters for many a year has done for our little patch of green and we have decided to cover the sea of mud with pea shingle as it’s cheap, easy and the girls love kicking it about. I am hoping they will keep any weeds down although bindweed is not to their’s about the only thing they don’t eat around here...

Next week we are taking delivery of much larger run for the girls, 12 foot x 9 with a roof to keep the worst of the weather off.

As our garden is so small we decided to be radical with what could stay and what needed to go...the pond has gone! Sometimes a clean sweep is the only way.

Re-homing the fish was the biggest challenge but I found them homes albeit the local pet shop and aquatic centre. It has made the biggest difference to the garden.


  1. Poor Vera, still as you say she had a loving home for her last months. I would love to keep chickens but seem to read a lot on blogs about their early demise and it puts me off...I get way to attached to things! Hope the new garden layout works for you and the girls. Xxx

    1. Hi Lyn
      I would say go for it if you have the time and the room. They do die and it's very sad but even I think it's worth the pain as they are such a delight.
      Chickens really live in the now and seem to love life and that's so lovely to witness and be a part of, plus unlike cats they never send you to Coventry;-)

  2. Can't wait to see your new chicken world up and running!
    Poor Vera; at least she had a few happy months and a much better end to her life than she would have had if you hadn't rescued her. x

  3. Hi Scarlet;-)

    I am charging up my camera batteries ready for photo action on Thursday!

    Vera is buried under the foundations so I like to think she is quite literally part of the new run.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new chickenopolis. RIP Vera.
    We're dealing with a poorly chicken at the moment (Fizz); if she goes to the chicken coop in the sky we'll be down to just one lonely chook (Betty), so we could be in the market for more girls soon.

  5. Poor Fizz I hope she improves…

    I will take lots of photos of the new run… watch this space;-)

  6. So sad to read about Vera. Like Lyn, I'd love to have chickens, any animal, but would get so attached to them I've not been brave enough yet. And your poor 'lawn'!!

  7. My first experience of chicken death was when Alice my favourite chicken broke her leg…nothing could be done for her so she was put to sleep in my arms……it broke my heart but made me realise chickens live in the now…so everyday they have treats and I spend time with them.
    Giving them a happy life is very rewarding and I think worth the heartache.
    RIP my grass…husband is delighted and has given our lawn mower away…


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