Sunday, March 2

Wood and Chickens

Vera overseeing the applewood kindling one of our neighbours gave us…

Then Scarlett and Josephine wanted to see what all the fuss was about…

Once seasoned this will be wonderful…

I've said it before but if you have neighbours with fruit trees it is always worth letting them know you would be happy for any prunings as it will save them a trip to the dump and free wood gives off the best heat


  1. We use our prunings around the garden and allotment- as peasticks, and as poles for the runnerbeans to grow up. Everyone else at the allotment used canes until they saw our plot, and some even took the mickey out of us. Surprise, surprise, they started to use prunings themselves!

    1. I did ask Nigel to keep some whole for just such a thing; and of course they are so much more attractive and rustic - in a Sarah Raven kind of way.


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