Friday, April 14

The early bird

Up with the lark, or in my case 7.30am. Husband available, so we were outside Waitrose at 8.27 - we waited in the car until it opened - there were a great deal who camped at the bit outside monitoring their watches until the doors were opened. Most were of an age that war time rationing probably figured large in their memories, so I tried not to judge them sad, after all I was there before the shop even opened,all I did was show a little decorum waiting in the car.

Back now and hubby doing what he does best - demolishing fitted wardrobe. For some one who hasn't been blessed with many practical skills, he's taken surprisingly well to removing things - the old kitchen, carpets,etc.

Dog now under my desk cowering - he's highly sensitive, like his mummy (me) and doesn't care for loud noises.

Spoke to a friend of a friend this morning about fish pond care. A number of questions were asked of me - how large,long as a bath, but twice as wide. How many, 3, one big and 2 small. Any oxygenating plants? non. Any lilies? non.

I now know with so few fish I can get rid of pump and filter (which aren't working) which I am ever so pleased about as there look hideous. I have put husband in charge of fish and pond care, as I can't really be bothered, and I do believe it to be a man job. I tried delegating bird table duties, but as he seemed to think that it was fine to lay out Babbet's feast every morning, I've had to take over.

My bird table has given me great pleasure since we moved here last October; all birds are welcome, but already I have a favourite, Mr Blackie ( male blackbird) and Mrs Blackie - you can work it our for yourselves......... I do have magpies, seagulls, and crows,which Imogene thinks I should shoot (she was bought up on a farm, so has little or no empathy for anything furry,are feathery) She also thinks I should shoot Mr Squirrel.......... But as I don't have a gun I'm not planning to exterminate anything.

Bank Holidays - the excitement is killing me.........

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