Wednesday, May 3

Day Out

I have been told by Stella not to keep going on about F&B. As my main readership is moi, I think I shall write about whatever I like, but she does have a point; fair cop, but I just couldn't resist my latest aquisistion - a super dooper shade guide - £10 English pounds - but to me worth every penny. Already baby mother has visited and asked if I minded while she "played " with it. I said I didn't, but I did really, as I want it all to myself!! She bought chocolate cake with her, so I momentarily lost focus!The colours selected are my chosen palette.

Yesterday Stella and I went to Guildford. She drove a Renault Clio sports car, which went like a bullett, had boy racer suspension, and several exhausts. It took us an hour 10 minutes to get there, which she thought was bad, but I thought good. Expectations? Discuss amogust yourselves........Anyway , here is a photo of Stella by a wheelbarrow that she was going to hold and pretend to be tidying up, but she bottled out of asking the Municipal worker if they would mind, so she's standing near to it - somehow the comedy is lost.

The other photo is of a very pleasant assistant from Gap - Stella was admiring her hair cut, so I suggested I took a photo s o she could intsruct her hairdresser to do similar - if you don't ask,........Anyway she was fine about it - a good sport; I showed her the photos so she didn't think me weird - Stella didn't want her to think we were a pair of lesbians - although I not really sure if that's what lesbians do - go around taking photos of pretty women?

I'm having such a lot of fun with my camera - I might even read the instruction book soon to see exactly what I can do with it. I want a tripod.

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