Thursday, May 4

No Paint Pots

I watched a fascinating programme I taped last night with Jonathan Meades - Architecture of the Third Reich. It said in the Radio Times that it was "typically off-centre documentary" and they were spot on. If I was going to have one of those fantasy dinner parties where you could invite anyone alive or dead, I'd have Jonathan Meade, and I might even have Heir Hitler, although having a Veggie over is never the easiest of things! - Now that is a good idea for a comedy sketch.........

Looking through my photos I discover I don't have much in the way of variety - it's all Darcy and bits of my ram shackled house. None of my friends like having their photo taken, and I am camera shy; but here are just a few with the promise I shall try and take more over the next few weeks.

Yesterday I baked a marmalade cake - Mary Berry. Disaster. Imogene, master baker, says it's down to my slap dash ways, and that I use butter and not Stork margarine, oh, and I don't keep my eggs in the fridge. I know Stork is good in cakes, but it's those trans fatty acids that worry me - if you're going to die, surely it's better to die of butter related disease, than a Stork one?
Women are judged by their baking, but here's a photo to give Imogene a laugh.

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