Saturday, July 22

Mummy's Little Helper

When I was growing up and my mother made a cake, one of us would lick the bowl, and the other would have the spoon, my brother and I took it in turns - but I can remember (vaguely) getting the bowl a lot more often.
As I'm childless Darcy has both - I know there may be some of you thinking how disgusting, but it goes in the dishwasher after he's finished, plus he's one of the family,admittedly he's full of germs, but I haven't caught anything yet!

After having to go down and sit with him in the early hours - thunderstorm, I'm not fit for much today. We had a second storm this morning, which was much less traumatic for all concerned, plus there was the calming effort of my husbands cheese sandwich which seemed to have magical powers as far as Darcy was concerned - what thunderstorm?

My Waitrose shopping arrived at 1.30pm and then as far as I was concerned everything was right with the world. I love to have my cupboards overflowing with food, must be primeval; I feel the same when I watch my washing blowing about in the wind - I'm easily pleased.

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